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You need to relax and gain inspiration in the nature? Try Smiler!


In The Mountain

Choose one of the many possible routes in Vitosha mountain and enjoy one incredibly relaxing afternoon.


No Physical Effort

Before you begin thinking this requires lots of physical efforts, we have a surprise. With e-bikes you put close to none efforts!


Eco Friendly

The environment footprint from the electric bicycles is very small since they don’t release any carbons or any other chemicals in the air.



The motor saves you most of the efforts but you still need to pedal which helps you stay fit and with good health.

What is actually an e-bike?

Proudly provided by Eljoy

Up to 120 km Distance Battery Li-Ion 5 Assist Levels Max speed 25 km/h 9 Gears

You Choose The Level of Assistance

Track battery charge Increase the assistance Decrease the assitstance Start/Stop the motor Indicator for current assistance

How to Book The E-bikes?


Download the application

You can find our application both on Google Play and App Store where you can download it.


Choose booking hours

Check if the bikes are available during the hours you want them booked.


Book your e-bike

Finalize your booking by entering your preffered payment method and complete the transaction. Once done, your bikes will be reserved and will be waiting for you.

Business Hours 09:00 - 18:00

How to Reach National Museum of History?


The stop is located on the Ring Road, near the museum. The bus leaves from “Tsar Boris” Blvd., passes through the “Buckstone” and reaches the neighborhood “Boyana”


Stop National Museum of History. The stop is located on the Ring Road, near the museum. The bus leaves from the bus station Mladost 1, passes through the Business Park, the Ring Road, Ovce Cupel and reaches “Lyulin.” Due to repairs on Montevideo Str., the stop on Montevideo Str. named “Boryana” str. with code: 1845 is displaced 40 m forward, in the direction Ovcha Kupel, but Buses will stop at all existing stops along the changed route.


Stop National Museum of History. The bus leaves from Tsar Boris III Blvd., passing through the National Museum of History to reach the Golden Bridges.


Stop National Museum of History. The bus leaves from Drujba neighborhood and stops in front of the museum.


Bus station Buckstone. The stop is located on the other side of the Ring Road in the direction of Buckstone neighborhood. The trolleybus leaves from “Hadji Dimitar”, passes through the city center (NPC), through the Military Medical Academy and Borovo and reaches “Buckstone.”

We are located at the parking of the National Museum of History in front of the building where you can park your car for free.

If you have your own bike and want to come with it, you can park it at our parking. There is always one of our representatives who will look out for your bike.


What Are The Prices?

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  • Going up the mountain was very easy and pleasurable, but going downhill was the most fun part. My advice is to turn the Sport mode when you’re goign downhill. Smiler is a great opportunity to chill out with your friends and find astonishing and very beautiful places where you can find inspiration and just relax. It is also great for team building. We will definitely come back!

    Kaloyan Gadzhev

Frequently Asked Questions

You have many options with destinations to choose from in the mountain. You can see the routes on the map on this page. You can also ride it in the city but it is not as fun as going in the mountain.
Battery’s charge and its consuption depend on many factors like the assistance gear you use, the terrain and your own weight. In the mountain it can last somewhere between 1 and 3 hours.
The motor doesn’t save you from pedaling and is only assisting the motion. When you pedal, the motor is activated and assists you. When you stop pedaling, the motor also stops.
The electric system assist you until you reach speed of 25 km/hour. You can reach higher speed, but the electric motor won’t help you above that speed. You don’t need a registration or a driving licence for this kind of bicycles.
The factors that determine the distance are – type of battery and its capacity, the power of the motor, pedal intensity, your weight and the terrain. In general, with mixed terrain you can pass around 120 km.
The battery does not charge when you pedal. Batteries are being charged in the plug while the bike is parked. The battery can also be removed and plugged for charging away from the bike.